There are many branches on our Emerge tree but they all come from the same, deep roots: our values, expertise and passion.

Our Solutions areas are:

  1. Customer Experience

  2. Strategy & Advisory

  3. Innovation

  4. Leadership & Executive Coaching

  5. Operational Excellence

  6. Management Retreat

  7. Team Engagement & Development

  8. HR Systems

Customer Experience

In today’s competitive environment, Customer Experience is quickly becoming a point of parity. Experiences which used to be unique have now become run of the mill. In order to stay ahead, you need to constantly find new ways to differentiate your customer experience and deliver it over and over again - seamlessly and mistake-free.

The Emerge approach is a continuously improving virtuous cycle which is comprised of:

  • Deep customer insights and understanding - constantly refreshed
  • Tailored customer journeys designed seamlessly integrated with your core brand values and principle – constantly refined
  • Simple, effective training delivered to all levels of the organization, starting with those closest to the customer – constantly monitored and audited

Clients include Mercedes-Benz China, Porsche China, Singapore Changi Airport and Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

Strategy Consulting

For business leaders, Strategy starts with making hard, thankless, lonely choices. From thereon, things get even harder. To progress, buy-in to the new strategy from the entire management team – especially those who advocated against it – is required. Only then can real work begin: deploying, integrating and implementing the strategy at all levels of the organization.

Emerge is there at every step, providing senior leaders with:

  • The advice and facts required to make quality decisions
  • Proven tools for navigating the painful alignment & change management process
  • Effective programs aimed at embedding the strategy into the hearts, minds and daily routines of the organization.

Advisory Consulting

Sometimes Leaders encounter choices, situations or opportunities which, by virtue of their scale or requirements, entail a significant strategic impact. We provide expertise and solutions in several strategically significant areas:

  • Capital and M&A Advisory
  • Pre-IPO preparation / Acquisition readiness (buy/sell side)
  • Post-Merger Integration / Restructuring
  • Digital transformation/E-Commerce Acceleration 
  • JVs, Alliances & New business models

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Emerge’s  Leadership programs are custom-built for their clients. We focus on enabling the Leader’s performance through behavior, habit, and mindset changes. Our multi-disciplinary consulting approach has also allowed us to develop modular, scalable and holistic leadership development solutions that can be customized to our clients’ needs. Leveraging on an extensive and continuously curated content, tools and learning metholodogies, we often incorporate assessments, personality profiling instruments, 360 feedback and executive coaching in our programs. These bespoke programs are attended by the most senior leaders, managers and supervisors.

Our programs ranges from 1-2 days to 9 months.


Emerge Innovation, our specialized Innovation practice, provides world-class expertise in three areas:

Corporate Innovation Capability

With nearly a decade of experience driving innovation business results for a variety of Fortune 500 firms in Asia, we have developed an award-winning approach that’s proven to deliver significant business impact.

Innovation Education

Creating and sustaining our mission will ultimately require a new leadership skills and capabilities in the region. We partner with local secondary schools and universities throughout the region to bring Innovation Education programs to students at the right place and the right time.

Innovation Awareness

While the focus on innovation in Asia has certainly increased, there is still an element of mystery and a general ambiguity regarding the practice of innovation in business. We partner with a variety of organizations to create opportunities and forums to drive innovation awareness and understanding.

Find out more:

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is a moving target which is difficult to achieve, harder to maintain and even more difficult to surpass. Only a few companies achieve it and even fewer are able to sustain and surpass themselves. Nowhere is our adage “deeper roots for greater heights” more applicable.

We believe that operational excellence is first and foremost achieved by driving the behaviors, capabilities, processes and mindset which your organization requires to achieve excellence.

Our OE consultants have extensive, award-winning experience with successfully implementing big, complex operations across a variety of industries.  We also have the tools & processes to ensure that your organizational initiatives are:

  • Underpinned with a clear, achievable business case
  • Aligned with your strategic & business goals
  • Fully deployed, understood and owned by your organization
  • Delivered with practical, relevant tools and measured with clear and simple KPIs

Management Retreats

As any corporate executive knows, management retreats begin with the best of intentions but often do not live up to them. This can be due to a number of causes, ranging from unclear objectives and lack of buy-in/engagement to poor preparation and execution.

Emerge makes sure that no detail is overlooked with participant pre-work, & preparation to ensure clarity and buy-in beforehand, thorough agenda planning, meticulous venue and tools selection to ensure maximum impact and follow through post-Retreat

Types of Retreats and Tools

  • Leadership
  • Mission, Vision, Values Design & Alignment
  • Strategic Planning (Work-Planning, Budgeting, Process Re-Engineering)
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Change Management
  • Teambuilding
  • Customer Centricity

Team Engagement and Development

Team-building and engagement and activities can have many pitfalls – from being seen as social “outings” to optional, extraneous events often due to insufficient planning and poor design, preparation and execution.

Emerge has the tools and experience to bring clarity, purpose and impact to your Team Engagement and Development programs. Our process begins with detailed preparation both from employees and management ensuring clear buy-in to the program purpose and agenda. We also pay meticulous attention to detail in the venue selection, facilitation and execution of the programs. We have a large variety of tools and methodologies to select from and build the optimal program for your needs. 

Human Resource (HR) Systems and Processes

In today’s highly competitive, global environment, Human Resources are becoming an increasingly important source of competitive advantage and HR leaders are under constant pressure to ensure that their systems and tools are at the cutting edge.

Emerge is the ideal partner for HR leaders who want to build high performing, world class organizations. Our seasoned consultants and visibility of the landscape, allow us to bring together experience and expertise in finding the right solution for you.

Our solutions include:

  • Performance Management Systems
  • Career Development
  • Job Evaluation & Analysis
  • Competency Modeling
  • Employee Engagement Survey/ Employee Opinion Survey
  • Learning & Development Systems

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